Harris Hip Score Self Assessment Test

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The online self-assessment is based on the internationally accepted Harris Hip Score questionnaire. Harris Hip Score Questionnaire is widely used by orthopaedic surgeons around the world, as part of the patient examination and assessment process. The Harris Hip Test usually includes a physical examination (done by your surgeon). As this has been left out, your score may vary from that you would receive your surgeon.

Your results are not recorded and there is no requirement to provide us with any personal details in order to complete it.

Hip Self Assessment Test

During the past 4 weeks, how would you describe the pain you usually have from your hip?

When does your hip pain occur?

Do you limp due to your hip?

What do you use to walk?

Are you able to get up out of a chair?

Have you had any trouble getting in and out of a car, or using public transport because of your hip? (whichever you tend to use)

Have you been able to put on a pair of socks, stockings or tights?

Are you able to go up and down stairs?

During the past 4 weeks, how long have you been able to walk before the pain from your hip becomes severe?

Thank you for taking the test

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Hip score results from our own patient study

Results from a study of 300 of our own patients who had hip replacement are as follows:

  • Before surgery, the mean Harris hip score was 56 points and this went up to 97 point after surgery. This means the surgery pushed the mean Harris hip score from a rating of very poor before surgery to excellent after surgery.
  • After surgery, 95% of patients rated their hip as good or excellent, 3% rated as fair, and only 2% scored a poor rating.
  • After surgery, 80% percent reported no or mild groin pain postoperatively, and 3.7% had moderate pain.
  • After surgery, 96% had none or mild thigh pain, and 3.7% had moderate pain.
  • On a satisfaction score (rated of 1 to 10, with 1 being very dissatisfied and 10 being extremely satisfied), 86% of patients gave their hip a satisfaction score of 9 or above.

These results are excellent and should reassure patients that hip replacement is a very successful operation.