Professor Bill Walter has a hand picked team of anaesthetists. Dr Peter Dodds, Michael Merciades and Dr Alistair D’Vaz regularly look after patients having this surgery, although other anaesthetists are used at times.  Our anaesthetists are familiar with the surgical procedures and have worked closely with Professor Walter to ensure the anaesthetic regimen allows the patient to mobilise very quickly after surgery. Your anaesthetist will contact you prior to surgery to discuss your medical history and answer your questions.

Assistant Surgeons

It is usual for Professor Walter to have one or more surgical assistants in the operating room. Professor Walter is a leading teacher and supervisor of surgeons and doctors. Assisting surgeons are all fully qualified doctors.

Commonly, the assistant surgeon working with Professor Walter will already be a fully qualified orthopaedic surgeon or a visiting international orthopaedic surgeon who is undertaking a one year fellowship with Professor Bill Walter (before returning to their own country) OR an Australian trained doctor (registrar) who is completing the Australian Orthopaedic Association (AOA) surgical training program.  These surgeons at times perform simple steps of the procedure under very careful and close supervision.  You will meet these doctors during your episode of care.

Nurses and other medical staff

A team of nurses perform a variety of important roles in the operating room. Theatre nurses are employed by the Mater Hospital.

From time to time, Professor Walter will have a medical student in the consulting room or operating room, to observe the procedure and participate at the most basic level.

Operating Room Teams

Professor Bill Walter often uses two operating rooms, with a separate clinical team in each room. They function sequentially, which means that after one operation is finished, he may start the next operation in the other operating room.  This allows adequate time after an operation for the room to be cleared and set-up for the next patient.