Follow up for patients after joint replacement

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Six-week follow-up appointments

Please bring ALL your x-rays, including your six-week post-op x-rays.

You do not need a new referral if you are coming for your six-week post-operative ccheck-up This appointment does not incur a fee.

Follow up appointments at six month, two years, five years and every five years thereafter.

When you contact us to make an appointment, you may be instructed to have new x-rays done. Please have them done and bring them to your appointment. If you are coming to the Mater Clinic for your appointment, you can conveniently arrange have your x-rays done at Mater Imaging immediately before your appointment with Dr Bill Walter.

Please bring a new referral from your GP, plus your Medicare and Health Fund Card. Note that there is a charge for this appointment which is payable on the day.

Follow-up appointments are important. Please come back to see Dr Bill Walter at 6 months, 2 years, 5 years and every 5 years after that, even if you are not experiencing any problems. You don’t hesitate to have your car serviced regularly (even when it’s running well) – and your joint replacement is a bit the same; it’s still important to have it checked over.  We will endeavour to contact you if you forget to come back and see us.

Follow-up appointments after a hip scope surgery

Generally, Dr Bill Walter will ask you to come back 2 weeks after a hip scope for a quick check up and again 3 months after your surgery. Further follow-up appointments may be necessary.