We welcome country and regional patients

We understand it can be inconvenient and stressful to access specialist surgical expertise and care if you are based in a country or regional area. We have looked after country patients over the years who have come to Sydney for their joint replacement or arthroscopic surgery. It is possible for country or interstate patients having straightforward surgery to make just a single trip to Sydney.

How we make things easier for country patients

Simply answer 9 question about your hip pain, or 12 questions about your knee pain and get your score instantly.  This is an anonymous easy quiz. We don’t ask for your information and don’t record your results. It may help you decide if you need to see a surgeon.

  • We can review your x-rays before coming to an appointment in Sydney

If you are unsure if you need an appointment, simply contact us and send your hip or knee x-rays to us for initial review. If needed, we can co-ordinate a phone call with Lyn McDonald (our very experienced Specialist Orthopaedic Nurse Consultant) or Professor Walter, to help you make early decisions.

  • We handle many things over the phone

Many issues we need to discuss with you can be done by phone, including the Mater Pre-Admission clinic interview (which is normally done in-person at the hospital a week prior to your surgery).

  • Use facilities in your hometown for pre-operative tests and x-rays

    If facilities are available to you, tests and imaging can be done in your hometown and results sent to us. We can also often access test results and x-ray images online (depending on the facility you use) meaning it may not be necessary to send hard copy x-rays to us.

    Very often, your face-to-face consultation, admission and surgery can be done in 2 days

    If you require straightforward uncomplicated surgery (e.g. primary hip or knee replacement or scope surgery) and are in reasonably good health, we can see you for your first major visit on Monday and admit you for surgery the following day. If your surgery and health issues are more complex, we work with you to make arrangements which suit you best.

    In this case, much of the necessary paperwork, consent forms etc. can be done in advance of your arrival by email/mail – or on the day before your surgery.

    For patients requiring a cardiac check prior to surgery

    A/Prof Peter Vale (vascular physician and cardiologist) is based in the same consulting rooms as Professor Bill Walter. We can coordinate appointments for both doctors as needed.

    Helping you find accommodation close by

    There are several accommodation options available around the Mater hospital which may be suitable for your family members who want to be in Sydney with you. We don’t make bookings for you, but do recommend you look at the list of accommodation which is published by the Mater.  View the accommodation options

    Remember, we are available for you over the phone at any time

    Many of your medical issues and questions you have can be dealt with over the phone. We encourage you to pick up the phone as often as you need to.

    Post Operative Care and Rehabilitation

    The average length of stay in the Mater hospital following a joint replacement is 4-5 days. You may go home after your surgery or stay for the fast tracked recovery programme at the Mater. There are other rehabilitation facilities that patients can be transferred to if a fast track rehabilitation options is not suitable for your needs.

    6 Week Check Post-Op Check Up

    Locally based patients usually come back to see A/Prof Walter 6 weeks following joint replacement surgery. This appointment is usually quick. Again, we can usually co-ordinate the appointment over the phone. It is important for A/Prof Walter to see your post operative x-rays 6 week after surgery.

Please call (02) 8920 3388 to speak with Lyn McDonald, my clinical nurse, and she will be more than helpful in co-ordinating your pre-operative and post-operative care to minimise your travel to Sydney.