The Rapid Recovery Program takes place in hospital. It’s all about getting you up and out of bed as fast as possible and out of hospital as quickly as possible. This is suited to many patients.

If you are a fit, healthy person who is motivated to leave hospital quickly, you should talk to us about the Rapid Recovery Program.

The Rapid Recovery Program is aimed at early mobilisation and a shorter stay in hospital. Many patients who have joint replacements are suitable for this program. If you are youngish (!), fit and healthy then this will be the program we will be initiate for you. Your stay in hospital will be approximately 3 days. Upon discharge we aim to have you feeling safe on crutches and comfortable.


The Standard Recovery Program

This program is suited to patients that have more complex medical issues and require them to stay in hospital for a longer period of time. Early mobilisation is still a high priority with this program. Your hospitalization will be approximately 3-5 days depending on your discharge arrangements.


Rehabilitation options – after hospital

After joint replacement, the majority of patients can go straight home and continue with exercises they have been given by the hospital physiotherapists.

The physiotherapist and nursing staff at the Mater have a lot of experience in recognizing who requires inpatient rehabilitation and will make these arrangements if necessary.

Post-operative rehabilitation

Depending on your recovery, health, age and home care facilities and arrangements, a suitable rehabilitation program will be recommended for you. Rehabilitation options include:

  1. Go home.  If you have sufficient home help arrangements, you may choose to go home and manage your own rehabilitation program.
  2. Mater Hospital Day Therapy Program.
  3. Mater rehabilitation unit – you are transferred from the acute care ward at the Mater to the rehabilitation ward under the care of a rehabilitation specialist.
  4. Other rehabilitation hospital. If you require a longer rehabilitation due to medical or social issues then another rehabilitation facility may be recommended and organised.

Note that the booking for rehabilitation facilities is not done until you have had the surgery when it is clear what your rehabilitation needs are.  The hospital staff will visit you to discuss this and make appropriate arrangements for you.

Post-operative follow-up appointment

You will need to have x-rays done before you come for your 6-week follow up appointment if you have had joint replacement surgery. Please bring these and all other previous x-rays you have with you.  Patients who have had a scope will usually need to come back for a short follow up appointment 10 – 14 days after surgery, then for a further appointment 3 months after surgery.  At the three month appointment, patients will need to bring new x-rays. These appointments are usually very quick, taking only about 10 minutes if you feel everything is progressing well.

Post-op instructions for first six weeks

Please contact Lyn McDonald or Professor Walter if you have any questions or concerns during this early post-operative period. You can contact us on (02) 8920 3388.