Follow-Up after arthroscopy surgery

Patients who have had a hip or knee arthroscopy will usually need to come back for a short follow up appointment 10 – 14 days after surgery so that sutures are removed and the wound is checked.

A further appointment is required 3 months after the arthroscopy surgery. X-rays are required at the time of this appointment

Instructions for patients who have had arthroscopic hip surgery

  • Dressings used are waterproof and can remain on until follow-up visit.
  • You may shower when you return home after the surgery but you should keep the wound protected from water until the incisions are dry.
  • Elevate your leg several times throughout the day to reduce swelling.
  • Swimming in a pool or the ocean is not recommended until the wound is healed or after follow-up visit at 2 weeks.
  • If you develop fever, redness or drainage from the surgical incision site please call the rooms on 8920 3388 to speak with Lyn McDonald (orthopaedic nurse consultant) and arrange an appointment if necessary, or contact the Mater Hospital after hours on 9900 7300.
  • Driving is permitted on post-operative day 5. Use your common sense as to whether you have the strength in your leg to operate the pedals, especially if it is your right hip.
  • Physiotherapy can wait until after the first follow-up visit with Dr Bill Walter.
  • Rehabilitation as per Professor Bill Walter’s protocol attached.
  • Please call the office to schedule follow-up appointment around 2 weeks post-operatively.

Hip Scope Post Op Instructions for patients

Physiotherapy protocol after hip scope surgery.

This advice can be given to your physiotherapist after you have had arthroscopic (scope) surgery. It contains guidelines on how to manage your rehabilitation after arthroscopic surgery.

Hip Scope Physio Instructions